About Us

Our Vision

At General Manufacturing Company we pride ourselves on the team-like atmosphere we have created. This is also the basis for the relationships with our current and future customers, working together to ultimately achieve the best end result.

Our emphasis on quality also includes our vendors, who provide various processes such as Heat Treating, CARC Painting and Plating, Anodize, Phosphate, Chrome and Zinc. We provide products from small machined replacement parts to complete field-ready sub assemblies.

General Manufacturing Company was nominated and awarded “National Prime Contractor of the Year 1990” by the United States Defense Department based on quality, expedited delivery and overall engineering efforts provided.

Our Mission

General Manufacturing Company is a three-generation, family owned and operated, precision machining facility; established in 1958 as a Pittsburgh-based coal mine and steel mill repair/supply company.

Adapting to changing times, General Manufacturing Company has evolved from supporting Pittsburgh’s original industries to supporting the United States of America as a Federal Contractor to the Department of Defense. The Army, Navy and Air Force have been provided with our high quality precision products including replacement parts, kits, subassemblies and artillery mechanisms. We pride ourselves on sending quality products to the men and women of the Armed Forces, and that our efforts help support the Warfighter’s daily efforts on our behalf.

We are ISO 9001:2008 Registered through SRI Quality System Registrar. Our quality system is designed around DOD’s MIL-I-45208.

Our Work Ethic

GMC’s main focus on producing quality products is our back bone. In an industry where quality matters, we strive to continuously meet some of the most demanding requirements passed onto us by our customers. “Quality is our Obsession.”

As technology and demand changes so do we. Using the latest CNC machining centers and CAD/CAM softwares, this allows GMC to stay on the cutting edge in the manufacturing industry.

Growing Fast

We are an ever evolving company at General Manufacturing. We strive for success with family core values.

Private Sector

Our History

When General Manufacturing was founded 54 years ago, we primarily manufactured nuts and bolts, which can be found in numerous bridges throughout the Pittsburgh area. When the steel mills closed in the 1970’s our company needed to adapt, we took the direction of Defense Contracting. Our primary jobs consisted of Navy Nuclear and Level 1 Sub safe. We then moved to working primarily on small arms repair parts in the 1990’s.

The American tragedy of September 11, 2011 led to the growth of our company. We found ourselves needing to expand, not only in our machine shop, but also in our assembly areas. At this time we grew from simply machining our parts to also assembling everything in house.

In 2005 we were awarded our first 60mm mortar mount contract. This was, at that time, the largest contract GMC had ever accepted. There were numerous assemblies that required precise machining, this led to another expansion of our machine shop.

November of 2006 began a rough time for our family business, Joe Fastuca was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Joe was unable to win the battle with cancer and passed away in April 2007. Our company was yet again faced with another road block.

GMC took the tools that were put in to place by Joe in previous years and grew the family business to an entirely new level.

As of today, General Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of all three mortar mount sizes: 60mm, 81mm, 120mm in the United States. We are dedicated to providing our War Fighters with the highest quality assemblies a soldier could ask for.

We are a constantly evolving company who, when faced with hard times, or National tragedies, will make every effort to lend our helping hands to who ever may be in need.

Our company was built on family values and to this day that pride is instilled in our employees and shown in the quality of work our company produces. We take a great deal of pride in the accomplishments we have made and are constantly looking around the corner for the next opportunity to grow yet again!

Small Business Prime Contractor of The Year


Production of Bi-pods

GMC begins production of bipods for the War on Terror.


Small Arms Market

GMC breaks ground in the Small Arms Market.


Small Business Prime Contractor of The Year

GMC is awarded Small Business Prime Contractor of The Year.


Nuclear Submarine Engineers

GMC works with Nuclear Submarine Engineers.


Production of anchor bolts for mines

GMC starts producing anchor bolts for mines.

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    About Us

    Located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, General Manufacturing is a three-generation family owned and operated precision machining facility established in 1958 as a coal mine and steel mill repair and supply company.

    ISO 9001:2008 certified and ITAR:M29377 registered, General Manufacturing Company specializes in value-added manufacturing services with a focus on quality.


    3249 Industrial Boulevard
    Bethel Park, PA 15102